Friday, 3 September 2010

Inside Conrad: Part IV – Session Members: Fornost & Lord Ifrit

Conrad proudly announces that two new session members have joined.

Introducing Fornost


Hailing from the Republic of Nicaragua, Fornost is well acknowledged by fans of the Central American Underground Metal scene, as well as fans of Raw Depressive Suicidal Black Metal. He performs vocals for AngestManic Disorder and now Conrad.

Suicidal Possession Demo by Angest

(PopularSilencer Cover by Angest)

Fornost in Manic Disorder performing "Broken Down Cities"

Cover of Dimmu Borgir's "The Night Masquerade"
I first discovered his talent when I listened to his vocal cover of Emperor’s “Lord of Storms” and I was impressed.

Fornost nails "Lord Of The Stroms" by Emperor

Lord Ifrit

Lord Ifrit

The mastermind behind the Jamaican Black Metal project Orisha Shakpana is now aboard as well. The guy recently released his new album and I must say, it is a big step forward from his earlier material. “Spectral Duppymaan Black Metal" clearly states that the Dark Caribbean Kvlt is indeed ALIVE. I heard a few songs from this record and I can’t wait to listen to the full thing.

"Cult Of The Black Goat" off of the "Spectral Duppymaan Black Metal”  2010 Album by Orisha Shakpana

Both members joined on the 17th of August 2010 and will be appearing on a few tracks & releases in the future.

Check out Orisha Shakpana @

Inside Conrad: Part III – Dual Entities (Veldt Soldaat/Emdeka)

In this project, I use two pseudonyms to identify with the different moods, atmospheres and musical styles within the releases.

Veldt Soldaat
(Field Solider in Afrikaans) He is an ex-slave who led a successful revolt at a plantation on the countryside of Barbados. After killing his master and other slave owners, he is seen as a “warrior of the fields” by the others. He now frequents the natural landscape and tells mystic tales about his past and present life. He finds happiness with the sounds of Nature.

A misanthropic entity summoned by the Orisha Eshu (Deity of Chaos and Trickery, Lord of death and ruler of the crossroads in Yorùbá mythology. Also known as Exu in Quimbanda & Legba in Voodou) to spread evil, fear and misery upon the Barbadian population (they are seen as betrayers of the Orishas since they have convert to the Christian faith) and releases various creatures and ghouls such as Conrad into their community.

Basically, Veldt is the calm, atmospheric, indigenous, adventurous representative of Conrad while Emdeka portrays the Hellish, malevolent, evil, sinful, malicious, foul, revolting, vile & obnoxious side.

Thursday, 2 September 2010

Oseaan Kroniek Demo Now On CD

10 Copies of the Oseaan Kroniek Demo are now available on CD for free. (For Local Friends only)

Upcoming Demo: -Conrad Within-

I am currently in the process of writing new songs for another demo called: "-Conrad Within-". Unlike the recent fantasy based “Oseean Kroneik”, this future release will be far more darker abnd eerie; in terms of the musical, lyrical and visual aspects entailed.

It will also include the first original Conrad track that was written in the “Tohara” Era.

Not much can be said about “-Conrad Within-“ at the moment, but it will be “Kvlt as Fvck” and shall have you “scotching” on the edge of your seat.

Stay posted for updates, there are a few surprises along the Path ov Exu…