Friday, 3 September 2010

Inside Conrad: Part III – Dual Entities (Veldt Soldaat/Emdeka)

In this project, I use two pseudonyms to identify with the different moods, atmospheres and musical styles within the releases.

Veldt Soldaat
(Field Solider in Afrikaans) He is an ex-slave who led a successful revolt at a plantation on the countryside of Barbados. After killing his master and other slave owners, he is seen as a “warrior of the fields” by the others. He now frequents the natural landscape and tells mystic tales about his past and present life. He finds happiness with the sounds of Nature.

A misanthropic entity summoned by the Orisha Eshu (Deity of Chaos and Trickery, Lord of death and ruler of the crossroads in Yorùbá mythology. Also known as Exu in Quimbanda & Legba in Voodou) to spread evil, fear and misery upon the Barbadian population (they are seen as betrayers of the Orishas since they have convert to the Christian faith) and releases various creatures and ghouls such as Conrad into their community.

Basically, Veldt is the calm, atmospheric, indigenous, adventurous representative of Conrad while Emdeka portrays the Hellish, malevolent, evil, sinful, malicious, foul, revolting, vile & obnoxious side.

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