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Interview with Kadeem Ward by Shako Gibson of Flash Magazine. (August.10.2010)

Q: Who is CONRAD, and how has he influenced this demo?
A: Conrad is said to be a ghost who possessed women and live in their stomachs. It is one of the many mythical creatures in old Bajan Folklore. I came across it while reading a folk book. I haven't found a lot of info surrounding the origins of this ghost, but I believe that it was summoned by obeah men. I thought that it was a cool idea to use the name for a project based on dark Bajan Folklore, so I did.
A lot of people don't know about it though, well younger people. I find it interesting that a lot of Barbadians know about "The Heart-Man" or "The Steel Donkey" but only a handful have heard about Conrad. Interesting enough, The Merrymen, a popular Barbadian Folk Band wrote a song called "Conrad" years ago. I discovered this recently after browsing through some videos on Youtube.
Thats another reason I chose the name; its rare to the public. Well there wasn't an influence by the actual ghost on the demo. Oseaan Kroniek was really a fantasy based creation. It was intended to set an adventurous atmosphere for the listeners. The next set of originals I intend to release WILL be influenced by Conrad and other dark creatures and deities such as the Orisha, Eshu.
Q: What genre you would say best suits your work?
A: Atmospheric Folk Metal or Ambient Folk Metal
Q: How long did the demos take to make?
A: Well I wrote the songs between the end of December last year and late June. It took me two months (July & August) to complete everything after days of recording, editing, mixing, deleting, idleness, re-recording and mastering.
Q: What is usually involved in the music making process for you?
A: Quiet days and quiet nights! I try my best to have a clear mind before i'm about to record anything, so I go for a walk at night in these isolated parts of St. Philip and try my best to block out the world before I lay down any riffs.
Sadly I was constantly interrupted during the process and ended up rushing everything. And for this reason, I am not satisfied with the Oseaan Kroniek demo because I wanted to add a lot more musical elements into it.
Even though I wasn't impressed, quite a few people seemed to be. So far the "Ocean Chronicle" track seems to be a favourite of the local and international fans.
Q: Who are some of your biggest influences in the music scene?
A: I have influences coming from every corner of the globe but I would have to say that my main influences come from the early Norwegian Black Metal bands, especially the work of Varg Vikernes of Burzum, Ihsahn of Emperor & Valfar of Windir.
Their use of strong epic ambient pieces, aggressive shredding and profound lyrics really inspired me and the music I produce.
Composers of Dark Classical music like Bach, Beethoven, Wagner & Mozart have a strong impact on Conrad as well.
I intend to include some elements of Afro-Caribbean music in my future releases. A rare Jamaican Black Metal band called Orisha Shakpana & Ocultan from Brazil had used such elements in their music. I find their music very inspiring. Both bands have broadened my vision towards Conrad.
Q: What would you say your aim is with the sound you are trying to project or vibe?
A: I guess my main goal is to preserve and teach historical tales and ancestral myths about Barbados, The Caribbean & Africa; while putting Barbados on the map for something other than sandy beaches, sugar cane, cricket & Rihanna *laughs*
Q:Is "Lord of the Depths" a reference to the devil by any chance?
A: No. But thats an interesting question though. I got the title from a Burzum song called "Ea, Lord Of The Depths". The "Lord" being Ea. Ea is the later Babylonian name of Enki, a God in Sumerian mythology. The lyrics of the song are not Varg's creation but rather a transcription from a Babylonian inscription describing one of Ea's forms, Sassu Wunnu.
It has a reptilian physical appearance as stated in the lyrics and is probably just a dragon or dinosaur.
Q: When do you plan to release a full length album?
A: I intend to as soon as I get some good equipment. I want to enhance my home studio and get some new guitar gear. I currently play a $99 electric guitar which can be HIGHLY ANNOYING at times; I currently use my cell phone to record vocals since I don't have a microphone and I also need a better amplifier. I'm low on funds so it's going to be a while before a full length Conrad album is released.
Q: Who would you like to have as a guest vocally or instrumentally on an album with you?
A: Yes, I do plan too. A few people approached me about it already, but i'm not ready yet. There are some things that need to be sorted out before I can though.
Q: Are you planning on making a video for any of the tracks?
A: No, not for the stuff on "Oseaan Kroniek". I was thinking about recording a video sometime in the future though. Gullies and beaches will be occupied!
The interview was great! Looking forward to doing more with you man. Hailz! Iba!
To listen to CONRAD's music go to:

Thursday, 5 August 2010

Oseaan Kroniek Lyrics

I. Oseaan Kroniek


“As Olokun awakes, water trickles from a single stalactite in the cave of Vehemence. Followed by others, it flows down a narrow stream, through limestone, to the River of Empathy, which leads to the Ocean, the Ocean of Chronicles”

II. Ocean Chronicle

Into the vast aquatic spheres untouched by man
A light of reverence breaks the blackened void
A void home to beast that once conquered
And now rest eternally

Into the vast ocean where chronicles unfold
Stories took place that have never be told
A deity reigns in these depths
One who seeks revenge

Olokun seeks to cleanse the earth
Casting great walls of destruction
He calls on Oya.
She vomits a gust of wind upon the betrayers
Swiftly an old Houngan rides a Horfe scrying this prayer!

“I praise the Spirit of the vast Ocean
I praise the Spirit of the Ocean who is beyond understanding
Spirit of the Ocean, I will worship you, as long as there is water in the sea
Let there be peace in the Ocean
Let there be peace in my soul
The Spirit of the Ocean
The ageless one
I give my respect.
May it be so…”

Hearing this, he sheds a tear
He shrieks to the sun
The Houngan strikes Olokun with his staff
And stops the ageless one from his wrath

Oya flows with the evening winds
Olokun creeps with the dying tide
The elder rides into a thick fog
The chronicle ends as darkness falls

III. The Vehemance of Neptune

Death! I declare upon Mankind
I can no longer bear your ignorance
Your cultures
Your idols
Your existence

Go my daughters of the sea!
Devour the souls of the mortals you reach
Feed upon the drunkards and whores
Leave no remains on my ocean’s floor

As I raise my trident of vehement torture
Your vessels are sent into the ageless vortex
No more will you harm the creatures of the sea
As long as I reign these waters will be of harmony

IV. Queen Anne’s Revenge (…And The Bonnet Militia)

Avast Ye! Clear the path
The gentleman sets out to spread his wrath
On the high seas, of the West Indies
Brawl yer best aboard the Queen Anne!

Revenge! For those who suffered
Revenge! For those who died
Revenge! For all those lost
Vengeance in blood his final cost.

English vessels. Bajan sloops
They stripped them all and tookst the loot!
Over the seas they greet Blackbeard
Damnation seized their souls, sailors flee in fear


At Last! They reign with swords in hand
The Militia prowled on the blood-stained sand
Your crew imprisoned. Your ships were sank
Lay down ye arms or walk the plank!


V. Oracles Of Olokun


“Iba Olokun fe mi lo're. Iba Olokun omo re wa se fun oyi o.
Olokun nu ni o si o ki e lu re ye toray. B'omi ta'afi. B'emi ta'afi.
Olokun ni'ka le. Mo juba. Ase.”

(Same lyrics as the spoken word in “Ocean Chroniclein Yoruba)

Oseaan Kroniek Demo Released Today!

Conrad's first original demo has been released today.

Here are the links with lyrics and artwork

Demo links


Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Oseaan Kroniek Review by Kadeem


After a few months of recording, editing, mixing, deleting, idleness, re-recording and mastering; I finally managed to complete the Oseaan Kroniek demo. Though I am not throughly impressed with it, I believe its a fairly decent start, probably more decent than most demos of this genre.

I believe however, that some of you would actually enjoy it. It sets a fantasy-like atmospheric based on tales of the Caribbean Sea.

The instruments aren't bad I guess. The vocals (which I recorded with my cell phone) sound Necro as fuck, which might not be a bad thing (for all you fans of raw extreme music).

I'm impressed with the artwork I did though. The majority if the images I used were found on google, and I couldn't trace any owners at all so I just took them up. I do feel bad about this but they probably wouldn't mind.

Some of the pictures were shot by a guy from London by the name of Jake Burton who visited Barbados a few years ago. He gave me permission to use some of photos.

Another photo source comes from a girl named Nicole. I saw a picture she took of Bathsheba several years back while she on a missionary trip to Barbados on her Deviant Art Profile "millicent4". She gave me permission as well.

The Immortality of Nelson by Benjamin West (1807) & a engraving of Stede Bonnet from a book published in 1724 entitled "A General History of the Robberies and Murders of the most notorious Pyrates" by Charles Johnson were used as well.

Thats all I have to say for now. Just wait for Thursday to come so you can experience Oseaan Kroniek for yourselves.


Kadeem "Emdeka/Veldt Soldaat" Ward 

Monday, 2 August 2010

"Sigil" Logo Designed by Lord Ifrit of Orisha Shakpana & Edited by Rivenis Black, creator of "Diskordia".

This logo is a lot more darker than the previous one I created using a font called "Bonbon Bleu". It includes the Sigil of Eshu.

Eshu (or Exu) is an Orisha who was a wide range of responsibilities and is well known as the deity of the crossroads  (The crossroads -- a place where two roads cross at or about at right angles, otherwise known as "the forks of the road". It is considered a suitable site to perform magical rituals and cast spells. The use of the crossroads as an impromptu altar where offerings are placed and rituals performed is widely encountered in both European and African folklore) and a God of Chaos and Trickery.

I met Lord Ifrit online a few months ago, after discovering his band "Orisha Shakpana" on Encyclopaedia  Metallum (Metal Archives) which is based in Jamaica. We discovered that our bands share similar themes and goals like dark Afro-Caribbean folkore and the preservation of African stories and tales. His band however is a lot darker and "Kvlt" compared to Conrad and is actually a Black/Death Metal band, while Conrad is mainly an Atmospheric Folk Metal band that experiments with its music while borrowing elements of bands from the early Norwegian Black Metal scene.

He however noticed that there was still a lot of "darkness" within Conrad and designed this logo to express just what he saw. I was really impressed with it and I still am. Its going to be one of the official logos for Conrad. This will be used to represent the obscure material released by Conrad while the Bonbon Bleu logo will be used for the fantasy based stuff.

I then approached my friend Rivenis Black to have this logo enhanced. He happens to be a very talented artist and graphic designer so the enhanced version was simply marvelous! I am like it even more than before. It is indeed, truly fucking epic.

Also, he is working on a really amazing comic book entitled "Diskordia" were the characters live in a world that breaks the barriers of normality and schizophrenia reigns over everything.

The first issue will soon be released.

I highly recommend you readers to check out his pages in the following links. 

Diskordia Facebook Page

Rivenis' Blog

Rivenis' Deviant Art Page

And also, Orisha Shakpana



Metal Archives


Kadeem "Emdeka/Veldt Soldaat" Ward

Sunday, 1 August 2010

Lord of the Depths Promotional demo (Monday, 05 July 2010)

This free demo has been officially released for promotional use. It is complied of 3 Burzum cover demo tracks that were recorded during the summer of 2009.

Tracklist is as follows:

I. Ea, Lord Of The Depths (4:35)
II. Illa Tiðandi (9:12)
III. Die Liebe Nerþus' (2:13)

All songs were written by Varg "Count Grishnack" Vikernes.

The Promo can be downloaded at the following links:

Also, the Oseaan Kroniek demo is almost finished and will be available on the 5th of August.