Saturday, 2 April 2011


Some bad news. I just received this statement from PayPal:


Dear Kadeem Ward,

Hello, Kadeem. My name is Carolyn from PayPal Customer Services.

I hope you're doing great today. We appreciate your interest in making
use of your PayPal account in receiving money and payments. Of the 190
countries where we are available, some countries including Barbados are
still unable to make use of certain features such as receiving money.

This is because of the laws and financial regulations of each country.
We want to make sure that once we open certain functions in different
countries, that we are fully compliant with local and international
financial laws to avoid difficulties down the line with our services.
Rest assured that we are constantly working towards expanding the
services that we are able to offer to all the countries that use PayPal,
since it would be beneficial for both of us to be able to offer this
service to you.

We will be sure to notify you once additional services and features are
available in your country. In the meantime, we would advise contacting
the buyer to explore other payment options that are available to you,
such as checks and money orders.

We appreciate that you tried our PayPal Business account. Per your
request, your PayPal account has been downgraded from a Business to a
Personal account. You are only permitted to downgrade your account to a
Personal account once. If you upgrade your account in the future, it
will remain a Business/Premier account for the lifetime of the account.

I am happy that I was able to resolve your concern today. Keep PayPal #1
by telling your friends about us.

PayPal, an eBay Company


So basically those who wish to purchase Item via PayPal will not be able to do so. This limits the store once again to just mail payments. Until a better suggestion arrives, you will have to mail money to my address If you want to make a purchase.

E. Anubis

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