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Interview with Kadeem Ward by Shako Gibson of Flash Magazine. (August.10.2010)

Q: Who is CONRAD, and how has he influenced this demo?
A: Conrad is said to be a ghost who possessed women and live in their stomachs. It is one of the many mythical creatures in old Bajan Folklore. I came across it while reading a folk book. I haven't found a lot of info surrounding the origins of this ghost, but I believe that it was summoned by obeah men. I thought that it was a cool idea to use the name for a project based on dark Bajan Folklore, so I did.
A lot of people don't know about it though, well younger people. I find it interesting that a lot of Barbadians know about "The Heart-Man" or "The Steel Donkey" but only a handful have heard about Conrad. Interesting enough, The Merrymen, a popular Barbadian Folk Band wrote a song called "Conrad" years ago. I discovered this recently after browsing through some videos on Youtube.
Thats another reason I chose the name; its rare to the public. Well there wasn't an influence by the actual ghost on the demo. Oseaan Kroniek was really a fantasy based creation. It was intended to set an adventurous atmosphere for the listeners. The next set of originals I intend to release WILL be influenced by Conrad and other dark creatures and deities such as the Orisha, Eshu.
Q: What genre you would say best suits your work?
A: Atmospheric Folk Metal or Ambient Folk Metal
Q: How long did the demos take to make?
A: Well I wrote the songs between the end of December last year and late June. It took me two months (July & August) to complete everything after days of recording, editing, mixing, deleting, idleness, re-recording and mastering.
Q: What is usually involved in the music making process for you?
A: Quiet days and quiet nights! I try my best to have a clear mind before i'm about to record anything, so I go for a walk at night in these isolated parts of St. Philip and try my best to block out the world before I lay down any riffs.
Sadly I was constantly interrupted during the process and ended up rushing everything. And for this reason, I am not satisfied with the Oseaan Kroniek demo because I wanted to add a lot more musical elements into it.
Even though I wasn't impressed, quite a few people seemed to be. So far the "Ocean Chronicle" track seems to be a favourite of the local and international fans.
Q: Who are some of your biggest influences in the music scene?
A: I have influences coming from every corner of the globe but I would have to say that my main influences come from the early Norwegian Black Metal bands, especially the work of Varg Vikernes of Burzum, Ihsahn of Emperor & Valfar of Windir.
Their use of strong epic ambient pieces, aggressive shredding and profound lyrics really inspired me and the music I produce.
Composers of Dark Classical music like Bach, Beethoven, Wagner & Mozart have a strong impact on Conrad as well.
I intend to include some elements of Afro-Caribbean music in my future releases. A rare Jamaican Black Metal band called Orisha Shakpana & Ocultan from Brazil had used such elements in their music. I find their music very inspiring. Both bands have broadened my vision towards Conrad.
Q: What would you say your aim is with the sound you are trying to project or vibe?
A: I guess my main goal is to preserve and teach historical tales and ancestral myths about Barbados, The Caribbean & Africa; while putting Barbados on the map for something other than sandy beaches, sugar cane, cricket & Rihanna *laughs*
Q:Is "Lord of the Depths" a reference to the devil by any chance?
A: No. But thats an interesting question though. I got the title from a Burzum song called "Ea, Lord Of The Depths". The "Lord" being Ea. Ea is the later Babylonian name of Enki, a God in Sumerian mythology. The lyrics of the song are not Varg's creation but rather a transcription from a Babylonian inscription describing one of Ea's forms, Sassu Wunnu.
It has a reptilian physical appearance as stated in the lyrics and is probably just a dragon or dinosaur.
Q: When do you plan to release a full length album?
A: I intend to as soon as I get some good equipment. I want to enhance my home studio and get some new guitar gear. I currently play a $99 electric guitar which can be HIGHLY ANNOYING at times; I currently use my cell phone to record vocals since I don't have a microphone and I also need a better amplifier. I'm low on funds so it's going to be a while before a full length Conrad album is released.
Q: Who would you like to have as a guest vocally or instrumentally on an album with you?
A: Yes, I do plan too. A few people approached me about it already, but i'm not ready yet. There are some things that need to be sorted out before I can though.
Q: Are you planning on making a video for any of the tracks?
A: No, not for the stuff on "Oseaan Kroniek". I was thinking about recording a video sometime in the future though. Gullies and beaches will be occupied!
The interview was great! Looking forward to doing more with you man. Hailz! Iba!
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