Monday, 2 August 2010

"Sigil" Logo Designed by Lord Ifrit of Orisha Shakpana & Edited by Rivenis Black, creator of "Diskordia".

This logo is a lot more darker than the previous one I created using a font called "Bonbon Bleu". It includes the Sigil of Eshu.

Eshu (or Exu) is an Orisha who was a wide range of responsibilities and is well known as the deity of the crossroads  (The crossroads -- a place where two roads cross at or about at right angles, otherwise known as "the forks of the road". It is considered a suitable site to perform magical rituals and cast spells. The use of the crossroads as an impromptu altar where offerings are placed and rituals performed is widely encountered in both European and African folklore) and a God of Chaos and Trickery.

I met Lord Ifrit online a few months ago, after discovering his band "Orisha Shakpana" on Encyclopaedia  Metallum (Metal Archives) which is based in Jamaica. We discovered that our bands share similar themes and goals like dark Afro-Caribbean folkore and the preservation of African stories and tales. His band however is a lot darker and "Kvlt" compared to Conrad and is actually a Black/Death Metal band, while Conrad is mainly an Atmospheric Folk Metal band that experiments with its music while borrowing elements of bands from the early Norwegian Black Metal scene.

He however noticed that there was still a lot of "darkness" within Conrad and designed this logo to express just what he saw. I was really impressed with it and I still am. Its going to be one of the official logos for Conrad. This will be used to represent the obscure material released by Conrad while the Bonbon Bleu logo will be used for the fantasy based stuff.

I then approached my friend Rivenis Black to have this logo enhanced. He happens to be a very talented artist and graphic designer so the enhanced version was simply marvelous! I am like it even more than before. It is indeed, truly fucking epic.

Also, he is working on a really amazing comic book entitled "Diskordia" were the characters live in a world that breaks the barriers of normality and schizophrenia reigns over everything.

The first issue will soon be released.

I highly recommend you readers to check out his pages in the following links. 

Diskordia Facebook Page

Rivenis' Blog

Rivenis' Deviant Art Page

And also, Orisha Shakpana



Metal Archives


Kadeem "Emdeka/Veldt Soldaat" Ward

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  1. The Demo's gonna slay, lil bro. Just doing my part for caribbean metal.

    -Lord Ifrit666
    (Orisha Shakpana, the black mist of the hill)